July 25, 2020

An oxygen concentrator has gained greater significance during Corona pandemic as this handy device is helping in saving Covid-19 patients’ life. It helps patients self-managing asthma and COPD etc too.


An oxygen concentrator can help your body getting in enough oxygen for maintaining proper functionality. Certain chronic conditions lower the oxygen levels in the blood. Low oxygen in the blood makes it difficult to breathe comfortably and may make your body tired. Oxygen therapy can help you get in oxygen easily so that it can move to your body organs. This therapy delivers oxygen gas for easy breathing as your body needs oxygen gas to create energy for the proper functioning of your body.

Easiest Method to Know Your Oxygen Level

There are different techniques used to measure the blood oxygen levels. Blood testing and pulse oximeter monitoring are the most common methods used to estimate oxygen saturation levels. A pulse oximeter is a small clip-like device that measures oxygen in your blood painlessly by sending IR light into capillaries in your finger. While measuring blood oxygen level through a blood test could tough as it is done on the arteries. If you want to an oximeter, please click here.

Oxygen Shortness & Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

Low oxygen conditions may happen because of Corona, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Pneumonia, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Sleep Apnea, heart failure, and others. Oxygen therapy can be an effective treatment for any of these conditions as it provides supplemental oxygen to breathe in. Some patients may need it for a shorter time while others may depend on it for a longer period. Patients can get oxygen therapy in any medical set up. There are different technologies used to provide oxygen in hospitals or at home.  Oxygen tanks are very common devices used with ventilators or respirators in hospitals while some others use oxygen concentrators to supplement oxygen at home and on the go (in ambulances).

Portable Oxygen Concentrator - A Game Changer

Oxygen is very important for everyone to survive and a concentrator is there to help all those who are struggling with breathing disorders. This device receives air, purify it, and then deliver the purified air for an individual to breathe in.  The primary purpose of this device is to improve your ability to breathe purified air. It is an effective method to deliver oxygen-rich air through your body especially when your lungs are not absorbing an adequate amount of on their own. Key benefits of portable oxygen concentrators include the easiest way to provide oxygen to the patients, 24/7 availability, and enables high mobility, etc. If you choose a small and lighter oxygen concentrator, you can carry it along during traveling and other outdoor activities.

How It Matters in the Battle Against Coronavirus

Earlier people have not been so particular about their preventive health care and checkups like blood oxygen level monitoring. But the Corona pandemic has changed everything and now people have become more conscious of their health. Now people have realized that they must have a pulse oximeter and an oxygen concentrator as a back-up at home to deal with a respiratory emergency. Moreover, the COVID -19 cases have increased tremendously, the number of beds with oxygen facilities has decreased in hospitals. As a result, many patients are advised to isolate themselves at home with self-monitoring of their health.  So, patients need oxygen concentrators apart from other medical equipment to remain prepared for any medical emergency or treating any health emergency efficiently. However, the use of an oxygen concentrator at home without a doctor's prescription is prohibited. The oxygen concentrator is also helpful in self-treatment of your breathing ailment because of respiratory issues like COPD, asthma, or sleep apnea at home or work.

Dr Trust Oxygen Concentrator

It is very important to get high-quality equipment. We at Dr Trust understands this thing and brings Dr Trust Oxygen Concentrator with all needed attachments for handy use. It provides oxygen through a mask or a nose cannula and available in a portable version for easy application when at home or at other facilities where need it moving around.