The 3 Strong Benefits Of Using Ovulation Tests

The 3 Strong Benefits Of Using Ovulation Tests

September 10, 2019

Whenever a couple is trying to conceive, there are various fertility-tracking methods of finding out when ovulation is getting so close. After all, whenever any couple is trying to conceive, they want to make sure that they get the timing right to have that fun in the bedroom so that the chances of conception are at its highest.

There are various ways to track female fertility such as taking the body basal temperatures as well as checking the consistency of cervical mucus and position. However, the best way to track ovulation is by using ovulation prediction test kits or OPKs. Let's talk about the 3 strong benefits that are reaped when using ovulation prediction kits to track fertility:

1. The Accuracy Rate Is High 

Ovulation kits are the most precise tool to use in order to detect and monitor ovulation. That is because the OPK will detect when the luteinizing hormone or LH will be surging which is the hormone responsible for releasing the egg. And in order to increase the chances of a pregnancy happening is to have the sperm inside of the fallopian tubes waiting for the egg to be released. This is how OPKs will help as it will forecast when the surge will happen.

 It is important to note in order to make this work in your favor is by knowing when you generally ovulate each cycle. With that said, it is recommended to check the cervical mucus as well as taking your temperature each morning with a basal body thermometer before you actively start trying to conceive. Then allow the ovulation prediction kits to tell you when it is the best time to have some fun with your partner to maximize the chances of conception.

2. OPKs Are Easy And Convenient To Use

Before you are actively trying to conceive, it is recommended to find out when you are ovulating in your cycle by tracking your body basal temperatures and checking the position of the cervix as well as the texture of the mucus. However, once you are truly ready to start trying to conceive that baby, you no longer have to bother with those other tactics to track your ovulation. And you can use the OPKs instead. It is so easy to do because they are used the same way as home pregnancy tests. 

All that is needed is urinating on a stick when you are nearing the middle of your cycle (or when you know you are closer to ovulating). There are usually from 5 to 10 sticks in each kit so you have 5 to 10 days to test for ovulation. It is best to take the test in the evening instead of the morning.  And within 5 minutes you will know if the LH surge is approaching or not.

3. You Can Purchase OPKs Without A Prescription

Ovulation prediction kits are readily available and you do not need a doctor's prescription to attain them. All you need to do is go and purchase the Pregaplan Ovulation Test online within minutes which is the most accurate Ovulation test kit with an accuracy rate of over 99 percent. Then the kit will be delivered quickly.

There is no need to keep tracking female fertility with having to track body basal temperatures each morning especially once it is known in general when the hottest time of the cycle is. Go and make your fertility tracking easy by purchasing the Pregaplan Ovulation Test today.