Dr Trust USA BP Smart (Non MDI with Adaptor) Blood Pressure BP Monitor

Dr Trust USA

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In The Box: BP Monitor (Measurement During DEFLATION) + Adapter + Batteries

Irregular heartbeat detection

Dr Trust Smart BP Monitor comes with arrhythmia detection for the detection of pulse irregularities. You need to take medical advice if this symbol appears frequently during the week.

Language Feature

It has a unique talking feature with extremely easy to understand English language output.

Digital BP Meter With Large Display

Results quickly display on the large, backlit LCD display. It also gauges healthy and dangerous results.

Design for 2 User Use

Memory saves up to 120 measurements for each user from the group of two users.

Easy-to-use Upper Arm BP Monitor

Comes with adjustable large upper arm cuff (circumference of 22-42 cm (8.67-16.5"). The cuff fits comfortably around on the upper arm. The device can be operated easily to operate with your other hand.

Portable and Compact Design

Its sturdy small size compact body is easy to carry in the provided Carry Case with the adapter.

Dr Trust BP Smart Model is a fully automatic and digital blood-pressure monitor designed for use on arm. It comes with an advanced fuzzy algorithm that prevents over pumping and gives superb accuracy. It provides maximum user-friendliness and intended for self-use in the home.

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