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In The Box: BP Monitor + power adapter suitable for Indian voltage + Batteries  (Not Chargeable) + large cuff + carry bag 

  • PREVENT STROKE, DETECT MOST DANGEROUS HEART DISEASE: More than 1 million cases per year in India. This BP monitor detects atrial fibrillation. In AF mode, 2 measurements are automatically taken in succession and then automatically analyzed and displayed. Since BP of a human being constantly fluctuates, a result determined in this way is more reliable than one produced by a single measurement.
  • PATENTED CUFF CHECK TECHNOLOGY FROM USA: Arm movement indicator appears if arm is not stationary and then the BP monitor will again take a reading. Cuff check indicator appears during the measurement if the cuff has been correctly wrapped on arm.
  • FUZZY ALGORITHM SUPERB ACCURACY: Advanced fuzzy algorithm to prevent over pumping and give superb accuracy Patented. Detects Atrial Fibrillation.

Dr Trust USA Atrial Fibrillation Automatic DUAL TALKING Blood Pressure Monitor with patented beautiful ZEBRA LIGHTS. US FDA and CE approved. All rights reserved in USA and India. BP model has been updated with enhanced and updated features. Breakage of BP monitor, water damage, general wear and tear, Cuff, adapter and batteries excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect in BP monitor. Customer to send BP monitor to Dr Trust service center for repair. Please do not attempt to repair BP monitor yourself /unauthorized repair as this may cause electric shock and will also void warranty.

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Equipped with AFIB Technology 


Patented AFIB technology makes easy to detect Atrial Fibrillation, tachycardia and premature contraction while monitoring blood pressure regularly. It helps in prevention of heart stroke as early diagnosis aids in making important decisions on care and treatment.

In AF mode, two measurements are automatically taken in succession, which is more reliable than one measurement

Dual talking (Hindi and English) feature is a boon for those who have weak eyesight. If you do not want to use this sound feature, you can switch off to mute voice feedback.

Its advanced fuzzy logic technology helps you measuring systolic BP, diastolic BP and pulse rate with an ease. If AF mode is switched off, it works like a standard BP monitor.

Whereas Zebra lights display gives high-quality readings every time. Moreover, its extra large digits on a large LCD display are easily readable by users of all age groups.

You need not to worry about powering your Atrial Fibrillation Pro Digital BP Monitor as it can be connected to a power source easily with the provided adapter. You can also power it easily by installing the 4 x AA batteries into the battery slot before use.

For perfect measurements, please tide the provided universal conical cuff (arm circumference of 22-42 cm) to your left or right wrist in a right manner. ‘Cuff Ok’ icon indicates whether the cuff is correctly wrapped or not. Whereas ‘Arm Movement’ indicator appears if the arm is not stationary.

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