Dr Trust USA Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer 603 IR Scanner Thermal PRO

Dr Trust USA

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Trademark - Dr Trust USA Infrared Forehead Thermometer - 3 in 1(February 19, 2019)


In the Box:  1 x Infrared Thermometer (Pro series with advanced sensors) 

2 Measurement Modes 

2 measurement modes include Body Mode and Object Mode for measuring the temperature of body and surface without even touching them. This is a non-contact device that you need to keep up to 5 cm away from your forehead and surface for scanning temperature. Object mode is useful for measuring the temperature of objects like baby milk bottles, towels and many others.


Non-contact Infrared Thermometer - Body, Room and Surface

3-in-1 Non-Touch Infrared Technology: The Dr Trust Infrared Thermometer is designed to take the temperature of different surfaces from a distance of two inches with no impact from the surrounding. This device can be used to measure the temperature of the human body, room, and any other surface quickly and accurately.


Get immediate and accurate temperature measurements within 3 seconds by just pushing of the button. It shuts off automatically when not in use.


Enjoy hospital grade accurate results at home. The thermometer has been tested for accuracy compared to a rectal thermometer.


Babies love it and adults too! The thermometer is extremely easy to operate from babies to adults. As the product is non-contact and quick so, it is the easiest way to measure your baby's temperature without making contact with the body.


The thermometer stores data of the past 30 - usages in its memory. Results units can also be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit as per your choice.


The device catches subtle changes in temperature and allows you to take quick actions accordingly. Its LCD screen with backlight displays colour-coded results –green light indicates normal body temperature and a red light indicates a high fever.


The slide switch can be moved to choose between Object Mode and Person Mode. Object Mode is for measuring the temperature of the baby bath water and other objects like baby bottles, etc. while Person Mode helps you to measure the temperature of your body.

Dr Trust - Trusted by Doctors, made for everyone

Dr Trust team is driven by the passion for innovation and it is our endeavour to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our product range comprises of trustworthy medical devices and health monitors, which are backed by pioneering technology. Doctors, health professionals and home users alike, trust them.

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